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This Week in Egypt: Week 4-2019 (Jan 20-26)

Top Headlines Egypt’s FM Shoukry heads to Washington in final round to secure agreement over the Ethiopian Dam US dollar is weakening in Egypt as economy improves Egypt’s Foreign Minister visits Algeria for meeting of Libya’s neighboring countries Egypt starts … Continue reading

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This Week in Egypt: Week 11-2018 ( March 12-18)

Top Headlines  High voter turnout noted in Egypt presidential polls in the diaspora Egypt and UAE: Quartet stands firm on 13 demands for Qatar Egypt sees tourism rebound ahead of vote Egypt’s top prosecutor announces hotlines to combat ‘false news’ … Continue reading

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This Week in Egypt: Week 51-2017 (Dec 18-24)

Top Headlines Egyptian security forces on Sunday killed nine suspected militants in a shootout in the Nile Delta province of Sharqiya IS-affiliated media outlet releases video footage of al-Arish airbase attack  Britain designates 2 militant groups in Egypt as terrorist … Continue reading

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London Attacks: Five myths about Terrorism

Photo via Reuters Westminster, the Manchester Arena, and London Bridge ____ three terrorist attacks in three months in my adoptive country, Britain. Those gruesome crimes, however, have not changed the response to terror. Politicians, journalists, and commentators are still harping … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Westminster Attack

Photo from my own collection “We are not afraid.” That was the simple note written on one of many floral tributes on London’s Westminster Bridge after last week’s terror attack there. I read this defiant message while walking along the … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak 2017- Week 8 ( Feb 20-26)

Top Headlines Egypt’s Coptic Christians flee Sinai after deadly attacks The top commander of American military operations in the Middle East says that the US wants to resume major military exercise with Egypt UK’s Boris Johnson visits Egypt Egypt is … Continue reading

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Sharia Courts in UK – A Minefield

A meeting of the Sharia Council of Britain at its east London headquarters Getty Yesterday, I spoke briefly on BBC World Service Radio about Sharia Council courts in Britain, which coincided with an inquiry started by the Home Affairs Select … Continue reading

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Brexit and the Stubborn Liberals of the Western World

Brexit ____ the unthinkable has happened. Britain has voted to leave the European Union, triggering both local and global astonishment. This result baffled even the closest followers of British politics, and the surprising responses are, in a way, understandable. What … Continue reading

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s International links: More hindrance than help

Three months after June30, the Brotherhood leaders are either in prison, hiding, or in exile. Following the massive crackdown, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has decided to move its media center to an undisclosed address in London. This announcement has coincided … Continue reading

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