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Qatar- Where God Favours the Rich

The only people who will be able to drink in stadiums will be those in corporate hospitality. (MATCH Hospitality) Can you afford paying $3000? If so, then you are one of few who can enjoy high-end alcoholic drinks in Qatar. The … Continue reading

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The wider impacts of the death of Iran’s Mahsa Amini

The raging protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini, who had been detained for allegedly breaking strict hijab rules, represent a unique moment in the history of the twenty-first-century’s Middle East. The brave Iranian women unintendedly upended decades of … Continue reading

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The Time Magazine and the Western Attitude towards Islamism

It was a baking hot July day in Cairo and my first day in medical school. Like many well-sheltered Egyptian girls, I was shy and introspective; I decided to spend my lecture break in the female section of the university’s … Continue reading

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Podcast/Webinar: Radical Islamism, France, and the Atlantic Divide

I strongly recommend these podcast and webinar on what’s wrong with Anglo-American coverage of radical Islamism in France 1- What US Media Gets Wrong About France, with writers Anne-Élisabeth Moutet & Agnès Poirierélisabeth/id1534151181?i=1000502056981 2- Webinar on Islamism: Bridging the … Continue reading

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Shadi Hamid, Mustafa Akyol, and French Secularism

Shadi Hamid and Mustafa Akyol are two smart pundits with slightly different agendas. Shadi Hamid is an avid defender of political Islam, which he considers a legitimate conservative expression of the Islamic faith. Mustafa Akyol, on the other hand, believes in what he … Continue reading Continue reading

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Twitter Thread: Karen Attiah-Washington Post Editor ‘s troubling pro-Islamism bias

Karen Attiah, global opinion editor at the Washington Post, wrote a very disturbing piece accusing the French president Emmanuel Macron of illiberal hypocrisies. As a Muslim, who strongly stand against the ideology of Islamism, I find her article offensive on … Continue reading

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The EU must do more to fight the funding of Islamism across the continent

I wrote this piece for the European Parliament Magazine on Qatari-controlled, UK-based Al Rayan Bank, which continues to provide financial services to a series of Islamist and extremist groups blacklisted by other institutions, and the dangers of lax financial oversight by the … Continue reading

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Why are Muslims divided on Rep. Ilhan Omar?

  This piece is the first of two-part series on American Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, in which I try to explain why her politics divide Muslims. In the next one, I will explain why some Muslims, especially non-Islamists, are still … Continue reading

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Of Copts and Islamophobia

Originally posted on salamamoussa:
In a recent interview with the Coptic Canadian History Project, Dr Angie Heo, a scholar of Coptic culture, stated that she sees a special responsibility for diaspora Copts, as?“In light of these [persecution of Copts] horrific…

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Shadia’s Egypt and the fight to end radicalism

  Egyptian Diva Shadia Here is an English version of my latest article in Al-Hurra The legendary singer and actress Shadia, an Egyptian cultural icon, has passed away. Her death a week ago at the age of 86 recalls her one-time … Continue reading

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