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Egyptian Aak: Week 26-Part A. A Tale of Two Egypts

I divided this week report into two parts; here is part one, while part two will be released  late Sunday with special coverage of events of June30 in Egypt Main Headlines Monday Al-Sisi’s remarks reverberate in opposition, and Brotherhood Abu … Continue reading

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Morsi Condemnation Of Lynchings Not Enough

(Egyptians carry the coffin of a Shiite victim, via Reuters) I wrote this piece for Al-Monitor My guidebook described it as “the ideal mosque in Las Vegas.” This odd statement motivated me to visit Sayyida Zeinab‘s shrine in southern Damascus. Immediately, I … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 25. Will The Brotherhood Survive June30?

Main Headlines  Monday Governors reshuffle causes controversy Anger in southern Egypt over Islamist governor Egypt’s newly appointed governors: A ‘who’s who’ Clashes between president’s supporters, and opponents leave 59 injured in Fayoum Eassam El-Erian attacks the UAE during the Shura … Continue reading

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Tagarod – The pro-Morsi Campaign

(One of Tagarod’s banners with many Kalashnikovs, via Twitter) It is a bit tricky translating what Tagarod actually means in English. The campaign launched by Assem Abdel Maged, a member of the Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya in support of the Egyptian President … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 24. How Can Tamarod Succeed?

 Main headlines  Monday Egypt FM to Ethiopia for Nile dam talks  Tamarod approaches 15 millions signatures Salafis vow to disperse Culture Ministry protests Hundreds rally in support of President Morsi in Cairo’s Heliopolis Qatar grants Egypt 5 LNG shipments to … Continue reading

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Islamists and Nudity

( Mermaid Statue in Alexandria – before vandalism) When Salafi Nour Party M.P. Gamal Hamed called for the abolition of ballet performances in Egypt, describing it as “immoral” and a form of “nude art,” many were shocked and questioned his … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 23 -The week of Aabath

(One of the “suggestions” made by Egypt’s political elite to tackle the Ethiopian dam) Main headlines Monday Egypt presidency issues summery of tripartite report on Ethiopia dam Activist Douma gets 6 months in prison for ‘insulting the president’ More Tamarod … Continue reading

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Turkey, the Arab world, and the myth of moderate Islamism

For years, Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan was generally considered an example of “moderate Islamism,” a loose label that was generally based on a comparison with other Islamist dictatorships like Iran, or with the various semi-secular autocratic regimes that dot the … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 22

Week 22 Main Headlines: Monday Egypt’s presidency to refer modified NGO draft law to Shura Council Kidnapped soldiers’ release still ‘a mystery’: Sinai tribal leader A widening rift between Shura and judges Bab Al-Wazir historic gate of Cairo has been … Continue reading

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