This Week in Egypt: Week 49-2020 ( Dec 1-6)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt’s Sisi arrives in France for talks with Macron on regional issues
  • Turkish Navy humiliated by Egypt when attempting to interrupt MEDUSA 2020 exercises
  • Egypt frees members of leading rights group
  • Egypt lifts asset freezes and staff travel bans on 20 NGOs
  • Saudi Arabia’s FM has expressed optimism that the boycott of Qatar by four Arab nations may be nearing an end
  • UK and Egypt sign post-Brexit trade agreement
  • Cairo and Rome give conflicting statements in Giulio Regeni case
  • US Senator Ted Cruz reintroduces new legislation labelling Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group 

Main Headlines








  • Egypt’s Sisi arrives in France for talks with Macron on regional issues
  • NGOs denounce France’s ‘red carpet’ welcome for Egyptian President Sisi
  • Egypt criminal court upholds decision to freeze assets of three EIPR employees
  • Fitch Solutions downgrades projections of Egypt’s growth in 2021 to 3.2%; inflation to hit 6%
  • Central Bank of Egypt to offer $1bn worth T-bills on Monday
  • Egypt’s media regulation council suspends Reham Saeed over ‘merciless’ fox hunting episode



From Twitter


  • Rita Ora has apologised for breaking lockdown rules again over Egypt trip
  • Index of Jewish Surnames Found in 20th century Cairo– Updated December 2020

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