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Egyptian Aak 2016- Week 8 (Feb 22-28)

Top headlines Military spokesperson confirms error in 4-year-old’s conviction. Monday Egypt Court orders release orders release on parole of Jihadist Mohamed El-Zawahiri. Tuesday  Egypt’s Sisi says Russian plane was brought down by terrorists. Wednesday Sisi said he would sell himself … Continue reading

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Meir Javedanfar on today’s #Iran elections

Originally posted on The Iran-Israel Observer:
In the US, there are the mid-term elections, which mainly tell us how popular the government and its polices are with the American people. In Iran, there are the parliamentary elections, which mainly tell…

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Egyptian Aak 2016 – Week 7 ( Feb 15-21)

Top Headlines Egypt author jailed for violating ‘public modesty.’ Saturday Egyptian-Arab military exercises commence in Saudi Arabia. Sunday Hundreds protest in Cairo over police shooting. Friday Egypt’s El Nadeem Centre for rehabilitation of torture victims challenges possible shutdown. Thursday  Main … Continue reading

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Egypt in the Crosshairs

I wrote this long essay for the Winter 2016 edition of The Journal of the International Security Affairs ( subscription only), but for convenience I republish it here.   Egypt is now facing a complex asymmetrical war on various fronts. On November 10, 2014, … Continue reading

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Why do Islamists hate Valentine’s Day?

Originally posted on Nervana:
(Photo of Egyptian Preacher Abu-Islam via Reuters) Originally published in the Daily News Egypt “Valentine’s Day represents for the Christians, a celebration of adultery and prostitution, and those who go out on this day are prostitutes.” That…

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Egyptian Aak 2016 – week 6 (Feb 8- 14)

Top Headlines Italy demands answers as anger mounts over the Cambridge University student’s torture and murder in Cairo. Monday Egyptian‪ doctors revolt against police abuses. Friday Sisi announces transfer of legislative powers in speech to Parliament. Saturday Egypt opens Rafah … Continue reading

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The “Gates of hell” will be open in the coming months in Syria

Re-blogging this important piece by Elijah Magnier on the 3 possible scenarios in Syria and Saudi plans to divide Syria into 2 parts. As he phrased it: As in Berlin WWII, Syria might face Gharbistan and Sharqistan Elijah J. Magnier … Continue reading

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Sisi’s red carpet saga

A massive red carpet that was laid over public roads for Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s motorcade during a trip to open a social housing project in a Cairo suburb has triggered ridicule and criticism, especially after Sisi’s call for … Continue reading

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Irreparable crack develops in the AKP

Re-blogging Yavuz Baydar’s piece on the irreparable cracks inside Turkey’s ruling party, and how t he outcome of any rift within the AKP will define the destiny of Turkey, since Erdoğan is currently facing no other challengers. Definitely worth reading. … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak 2016-Week 5 ( Feb 1-7)

  Top Headlines Italian student found dead in Egypt. Thursday Italian foreign ministry calls for joint investigation into student’s death Cessation Court accepts appeal against 149 death sentences in the Kerdasa massacre. Wednesday Police kill 2 alleged members of Ajnad … Continue reading

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