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On Reconciliation With Qatar

In medieval times, Arab tribes had an unwritten agreement that prohibited infighting in four “forbidden months” – the months of Muharram, Rajab, Dhu al-Qa’dah, and dhu al-Hijjah, according to the Arabic calendar. This agreement was an armistice deal that allowed trade … Continue reading

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The EU must do more to fight the funding of Islamism across the continent

I wrote this piece for the European Parliament Magazine on Qatari-controlled, UK-based Al Rayan Bank, which continues to provide financial services to a series of Islamist and extremist groups blacklisted by other institutions, and the dangers of lax financial oversight by the … Continue reading

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Qatar’s Turkish Gamble

  Early last July, as the Gulf crisis between Qatar and its neighbours entered its second year, the leadership in Doha projected a defiant and confident image. The presence of Turkish troops on its soil and the flood of Turkish … Continue reading

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Why the Qatar crisis will not end soon

Here an English version of my last for Al-Hurra     It has been a year since the start of the Qatar diplomatic crisis, when the Saudi-led coalition imposed a trade embargo on the country.  For Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, … Continue reading

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Qatar crisis: Why Qatar is obsessed with the UAE

Here is an English version of my latest for Al-Hurra, you can read it in Arabic here It has become increasingly clear that Qatar’s diplomatic crisis with its neighbours will not be solved anytime soon. When the dispute began in June 2017, … Continue reading

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On the demise of Doha News and free speech in Qatar

Originally posted on Victoria Scott:
? This week, Qatar’s Emir told CBS that his country “wanted freedom of speech for the people of the region.” Sheikh Tamim made the statement in defiance of demands from neighbouring nations that he should…

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Good readings on the Qatar crisis

In my latest piece, I wrote about western media’s imbalanced coverage of the recent crisis between Gulf states and Qatar.  There are, however, some balanced pieces about Qatar  that are worth reading: First, here is Richard Spencer’s very detailed piece … Continue reading

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The Western media’s imbalanced portrayal of the Qatar crisis

The crisis in the Gulf has entered its third week, since a number of Gulf States including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain together with Egypt have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of destabilising the region. The crisis … Continue reading

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Twitter Thread: The Sectarianism of Al-Jazeera Arabic

Amidst an intense debate about Al-Jazeera news TV station, many western media editorial defending the channel, claiming it is a voice for free speech, and ignoring the channel’s sectarian agenda. Hayder al Khoei, an Iraqi -focused MiddlE East watcher has compiled … Continue reading

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Qatar and the GCC rift

Here are three interesting pieces about the recent crisis in the Gulf, which I like to share with you.  First: Bilal Saab, Foreign Affairs  “The dispute between GCC members had been simmering for a while, and it was only a … Continue reading

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