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A Review of Israeli Movie “Image of victory”

War dramas are tricky productions. They may be heavily one-sided, lacking objectivity in order to glorify or demonize one side over the other. The latest Israeli drama, Image of Victory, revisits the 1948 war between Egypt and Israel. Although it attempts … Continue reading

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Will Egypt inherit Gaza?

Egypt sent building equipments to Gaza – Via yahoo History repeats itself is a valid cliché in the Middle East. Following the defeat of the Arab states by Israel in 1948, the Israel-Egypt Armistice Agreement was signed in Rhodes on February 24, … Continue reading

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Podcast: On Turkey and Israel, and the recent escalation in Gaza

Reposting my podcast for Ahval’s Turkey Trends with Michael Koplow , Policy Director at the Israel Policy Forum in Washington D.C., on the relations between Turkey and Israel and how both Israel and Egypt seek to keep Turkey out of … Continue reading

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Twitter thread: The complex legal situation of Jerusalem properties

As the escalation in Israel-Palestine continues to rise, it is important to understand the root of the current crisis. This interesting thread may help explaining the complexity of the situation in Jerusalem.

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Reblog: Can Palestinians be wrong? Hussain Abdul-Hussain

This superb piece by Hussain Abdul-Hussain ( originally published here) highlights important flaws of Khalidi’s book, The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine, and how it suffers logical fallacies, absence of key events, and inadequate understanding of global affairs. Enjoy… I … Continue reading

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To Israel: A clarion call for peace from UAE

“Today I tell you, and I declare it to the whole world, that we accept to live with you in permanent peace based on justice.”  These momentous words, uttered by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat on November 20, 1977, in the Israeli … Continue reading

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What If Israel Vanished?

  Advert of Egyptian drama “The End”- produced by Synergy   A science-fiction Egyptian Ramadan drama, “The End”, set in the year 2120, has depicted what many in the Middle East wish would become a reality____ the destruction of Israel. … Continue reading

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On Naoum Shebib and the Systematic obliteration of Jewish history in the Arab world

  No Egyptian citizen or visitor to Egypt does not know or has not heard of the iconic Cairo Tower, one of the most important landmarks of the Egyptian capital. Very few people, however, know the man behind this interesting … Continue reading

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The time is not ripe for a “deal of the century”

Ahead of Jared Kushner, the senior advisor to President Donald Trump, speech at the Washington Institute, in which he will discuss the Trump administration’s Middle East peace effort, here is my piece on why Kushner plan is doomed to fail. The … Continue reading

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The myth of “the deal of the century”

Here is an English version of my latest Arabic piece in Al-Hurra on how imaginative plots have been weaponised and used to demonise certain Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.   Photo from latest protests in Jordan- via … Continue reading

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