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The Salafi star at the Pyramids

 Initially published at  Egypt Independent The popularity of the Salafi Sheikh Adel was surprising, particularly in the top tourist destination in Egypt, the pyramids. A planned two-hour visit ended up as a mission to uncover the legacy of this man. … Continue reading

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Islamic Law and Justice for All?

Also published as a guest blog on  CFR’s Steven Cook blog I once asked a Salafi acquaintance, what he thought of Bouazizi. He paused for a moment then said: “he committed a major sin; he deserves the punishment of hell.” Then he … Continue reading

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Dear Future President, what does Sharia mean to you?

When Egyptians went to the poll and voted for various Islamist parties in the recent parliamentary election, they were not after a fast-track ticket to heaven, but a genuine desire to fight corruption, decadence and nepotism that had been plaguing … Continue reading

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