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Shadi Hamid, Mustafa Akyol, and French Secularism

Shadi Hamid and Mustafa Akyol are two smart pundits with slightly different agendas. Shadi Hamid is an avid defender of political Islam, which he considers a legitimate conservative expression of the Islamic faith. Mustafa Akyol, on the other hand, believes in what he … Continue reading Continue reading

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Twitter Thread: Karen Attiah-Washington Post Editor ‘s troubling pro-Islamism bias

Karen Attiah, global opinion editor at the Washington Post, wrote a very disturbing piece accusing the French president Emmanuel Macron of illiberal hypocrisies. As a Muslim, who strongly stand against the ideology of Islamism, I find her article offensive on … Continue reading

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Homosexuality and Egypt’s farcical moral code

Here is an English version for my Arabic piece for Al-Hurra   He was shy and introverted, yet polite and respectable, but there was something intriguing about my acquaintance I could not quite figure out. The intrigue ended one day when … Continue reading

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A Muslim woman’s choice

I wrote this piece for British newspaper I News “Is that your husband? He is English?” Of the millions of Egyptians in the world today, you opted to marry an Englishman?”   The Syrian passport control officer glared at me after … Continue reading

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Al-Azhar’s Farcical Fatwa Kiosks

    “Fatwa Kiosk” – photo via Al-Fajr newspaper   Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy has opened a number of kiosks in one of Cairo’s main underground metro stations to allow commuters to “seek guidance on Islamic issues.” According to … Continue reading

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London Attacks: Five myths about Terrorism

Photo via Reuters Westminster, the Manchester Arena, and London Bridge ____ three terrorist attacks in three months in my adoptive country, Britain. Those gruesome crimes, however, have not changed the response to terror. Politicians, journalists, and commentators are still harping … Continue reading

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The dismal state of some of Egypt’s Islamic scholars

Muslim scholar Salem Abdel Galil – Photo via Egypt today Sheikh Salem Abdel Galil, a prominent Egyptian Muslim scholar and former deputy minister for proselytization at Egypt’s Ministry of Religious Endowments, sparked a far-reaching controversy this week after he described … Continue reading

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What is wrong with Egypt’s Al-Azhar?

Grand Imam of al-Azhar ( Photo via Al-Azhar) Last Friday, the head of Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, Ahmed Hosny, was sacked after only three months in the position, after labelling Muslim reformer and TV host Islam Al-Beheiry an apostate. This may … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak 2017- Week 18 ( May 1-7)

Top Headlines Gunmen kill three Egypt policemen in Cairo Egypt’s Al-Azhar university replaces head in apostasy row Cairo court cancels release order on bail for Brotherhood businessman Hassan Malek Islamic State leader in Egypt tells Muslims to avoid Christian gatherings … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Westminster Attack

Photo from my own collection “We are not afraid.” That was the simple note written on one of many floral tributes on London’s Westminster Bridge after last week’s terror attack there. I read this defiant message while walking along the … Continue reading

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