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Egyptian Aak: Week 4

The picture  by Al-Masry Al-Youm truly reflect Egypt’s surreal reality. Twitter via @tomgara Main Headlines: Monday Morsi opposes French intervention in Mali Armed Forces reject  Qatari or Non-Egyptian Projects in Suez Canal Uncertainty looms over the chances of new Salafi alliance Central … Continue reading

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A Surreal Anniversary: Photo Essay

This is a collection of photos from Egypt, from  various sources, as the country mark the second anniversary of its revolution.  To me, it was a surreal, poignant, and sad event. These photos powerfully reflects what is good and also … Continue reading

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Mali, a victim of a toxic mix

(Photo, the Atlantic) Initially published in the Daily News Egypt. The history of Mali is heartbreaking to read. The land that had once been a prosperous empire and one of Africa’s most stable democracies has fallen victim to locusts, hunger, and rebellion. The year … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 3

(Photo, Al-ahram online) Monday EU offers Egypt 5 billion euros to support economy and democratic transition. Egypt’s stock market finished trading in the red, battered by political and economic uncertainty. New cemetery endangers Egypt’s ancient necropolis. Imams protest brotherhood influence … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 2

(Photo,   Summery of the Week’s Main Headlines: Monday ElBaradei beefs up constitution party leadership in preparation for parliamentary elections. Negotiations with US to drop Egypt’s debt. Tawadros II prays for Egypt and Morsi on Christmas Egypt engages talks over … Continue reading

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Morsi Manages Egypt’s Economic Decline

I wrote this piece for Al-Monitor. Hope you find it interesting! In the midst of a regular monthly journey that I always dreaded, I stood in the long queue with my mother to collect our share of subsidized basic food items. … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Episode One

Presidential adviser for foreign affairs, Essam el-Haddad (Egypt’s real FM)  in UAE after arrest of “Brotherhood cell.” courtesy AlArabyia   Here is the first episode of my diary. As I wrote last week, ‘Aak’ is an Egyptian term that describes a messy situation.  Tuesday … Continue reading

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Israel Already Deals With Hamas

I wrote this piece for  The Daily Beast’s Open Zion Here is a copy, in case you missed it. As the debate about the potential nomination of Chuck Hagel as the next U.S. Secretary of Defense becomes increasingly heated, many have expressed their … Continue reading

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Diary of Aak

‘Aak – عك’  is an Egyptian term that has always been used to describe a very messy situation when things become detangled and going the wrong way. I think it is the best way to describe Egypt’s current political scene. … Continue reading

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