This Week in Egypt: Week 11-2018 ( March 12-18)

Top Headlines 

  • High voter turnout noted in Egypt presidential polls in the diaspora
  • Egypt and UAE: Quartet stands firm on 13 demands for Qatar
  • Egypt sees tourism rebound ahead of vote
  • Egypt’s top prosecutor announces hotlines to combat ‘false news’
  • Egyptian court hits Qatari media channel beIN Media with second hefty fine over anti-trust breach
  • Egypt wants answers in death of teenage student in UK
  • China to finance majority of tower district in Egypt‘s new capital

 Main Headlines




  • Egyptian-French navies conduct joint military exercise in Red Sea
  • Egypt parliament approves 3 articles of draft law legalizing website blocks
  • Egyptian embassies prepare for presidential poll, diaspora vote due March 16
  • Egypt’s Sisi calls on citizens to vote, meets with top officials to review security situation
  • White House held a meeting on Gaza crisis without Palestinians present
  • The ministers of irrigation, foreign affairs and the heads of the intelligence services in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are going to meet next April in Khartoum



  • Egypt wants answers in death of teenage student in UK
  • The family of an Egyptian student who died after she had been beaten by group of girls have claimed she may have been attacked due to a case of mistaken identity



Good Reports

  • Egyptian authorities call on citizens to report on the medi Hmaza Hendawi
  • Mediterranean gas bounty suddenly seems within big oil’s reach. The Wall Street Journal
  • The Arab Spring’s riskiest legacy may be Egypt’s baby boom. Marc Champion and Tarek El-Tablawy
  • Parliament in haste to approve cybercrime bill: Ambiguous provisions, loose definitions, legalized web censorship. Mada Masr
  • Belly dancer dons beard to protest LGBT abuse in Egypt. Emma Batha

Good Read


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Finally here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt

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