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Happy Coup Anniversary!

In 1954, the Egyptian novelist Youssef El-Sebai wrote his famous Arabic novel “Rudda Qalbi” (give me back my heart), a romantic story about the 1952 Egyptian revolution. Later, the novel was turned into a successful film that became synonymous with … Continue reading

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The Arab-Israeli conflict is stuck in a dangerous stalemate

I wrote this piece few days ago and it is published today in  The Telegraph I think the upheaval in Syria and the attack in Bulgaria reinforce my argument. So please read and let me know what do you think. Throughout … Continue reading

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The Palestinians,Arafat,and Al-Jazeera

  Today the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera broadcast a program about the death of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The program claimed that in- depth investigation reveals high levels of radioactive polonium were found in Arafat’s personal belongings eight years … Continue reading

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What now for Egypt’s uneasy peace with Israel?

This piece was originally published in The Telegraph I hope you  find it interesting and I look  forward  to read your comments and feedback With Hosni Mubarak no longer in power, it seems inevitable that Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel will … Continue reading

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