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Let’s Celebrate February 11th

Revolution versus Conter-revolution/ Vertical struggle versus horizontal struggle/  SCAF press conference versus Anti-SCAF press conference   Solution any one? Egypt is in a lock down. In the current charged, volatile, and even convulsive mood, it is easy to be consumed by … Continue reading

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Few Thoughts on #OccupyCabinet

” Egypt is not struggling with its past, present and future. Egypt in not   struggling with its identity. Egypt is even struggling with the basic definition of what is right and what is wrong” The dramatic events of the last … Continue reading

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Rules of Engagement: Egypt’s Military, Police need Change, Reform

Iniatlly published in bikyamasr Rules of Engagement (2000) a military courtroom drama that featured Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L Jackson; it was not particularly a groundbreaking movie. Nonetheless, the director William Freidken explored uncharted water, namely, the role … Continue reading

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