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Egypt Needs a Security Strategy For Sinai

(Soldiers who were kidnapped last week sit before a news conference by President Mohammed Morsi after their release, photo by REUTERS) I wrote this piece for  Al-Monitor. Look forward to your feedbacks and comments Last week, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of the … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 21

(President Morsi in Ethiopia was welcomed by the Mining Minister. Photo via Almogaz) Main Headline Monday Egypt sends dozens of tanks into Sinai Egypt’s Morsi confers with religious leaders on kidnapped soldiers file Sinai residents clash with police at protest over … Continue reading

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The Abuse of “Takbir” from Ballot Boxes To Woolwich

For many non-Muslims, “Allahu Akbar,” or God is Great has become synonymous with radicalism, brutal murders, rape, and even cannibalism committed in the name of Islam. It is hardly surprising, as the Islamic slogan has been repeatedly used and abused … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 20

(Photo via the Brotherhood’s website, Ikhwanweb) Main Headlines  Monday Activist Ahmed Douma charged with insulting president Morsi ‘Black Bloc solidarity’ protesters released Investors banned from owning land along Suez Canal Armed Forces respond to Al-Wasat remarks Tribal leader proposes Bedouin … Continue reading

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Sinai and the New Naksa

Forty-six years ago, in what Egyptians describe as the Naksa, Egypt lost Sinai to Israel during the 6-Days War. Egypt is now witnessing a new Naksa episode. Naksa 2 is unfolding in which Sinai is gradually slipping out of control of … Continue reading

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Rise of Radical Jihadists Setback for Syria

This image of the Omar al-Farouq brigade was taken from the group’s website; Syrian Sunni rebel Khalid al-Hamad, who mutilated a corpse, is a member of the brigade. I wrote this piece for  Al-Monitor, look forward to your comments. The … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak. Week 19

Main Headlines Monday Egypt’s PM Qandil caught in a gunfire Gunmen kill alcohol seller in Sinai Egyptian Army destroy 154 tunnels to Gaza Brotherhood and opposition clash in Kafr al-Sheikh Islamists quit Aboul Fotouh’s Strong Party Armed men attack police … Continue reading

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A Brief Introduction To The Iranian Election

(Photo of Iran’s presidential candidates via Twitter) For many Arabs, Iran is an Islamic dictatorship that is deviously trying to manipulate the internal politics of many Arab countries from the Gulf States, particularly Bahrian to Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. For … Continue reading

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Egypt’s New Cabinet: More of the Same

I wrote this piece for  Al-Monitor Tuesday’s Cabinet reshuffle [May 7] shed little light on Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s leadership and what the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan is for Egypt, at least for the next few months. In the eyes of … Continue reading

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Hezbollah and the Golan

(Photo of Hasssan Nasrallah, via In his first televised speech after the Israeli strikes on Syria, Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, made two interesting remarks.  First that Syria will supply Israeli arch enemy, Hezbollah, with “game changing arms.”  Second, “the resistance … Continue reading

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