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Egyptian Aak 2016 – Week 50 ( Dec 12- 18)

Top Headlines IS group claims responsibility for Cairo’s ST Mark Cathedral bombing Qatar rejects Cairo cathedral bombing involvement claim Egypt executes prominent Islamist militant Habara amid threats of retaliation Egypt says traces of explosives have been found on bodies from … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 8 ( Feb 16 – 22)

(Relatives of Egyptian Coptic men killed in Libya mourn in al-Our village, south of Egypt. (Photo by Asmaa Waguih/Reuters) Main Headlines  Monday Egypt strikes IS in Libya Egypt launches second wave of airstrikes in coordination with Libyan military In Minya, … Continue reading

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Qatar and the GCC rift

Here are three interesting pieces about the recent crisis in the Gulf, which I like to share with you.  First: Bilal Saab, Foreign Affairs  “The dispute between GCC members had been simmering for a while, and it was only a … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak 2014 (Dec 30 – Jan 5)

Main headlines  Monday Egyptian authorities arrest three Al-Jazeera journalists Egypt likely to call presidential poll first Three Brotherhood leaders secretly left Egypt Mansoura bombinginitial losses LE1 million Court bans students protests without university presidents’ approvals Azhar studentsresume exams, others protest … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 17

Main Headlines  Monday Islamist MPs prepare for battle against judiciary Morsi under fire after meeting with judges Al-Azhar under pressure not to issue women’s rights document Islamists heckle popular current leader Sabbahi at Shubra university Egypt’s IMF loan accord unlikely … Continue reading

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Egypt’s ‘Daily Show’ has provoked the worst in Islamist ideology

(Photo: YouTube Screengrab) This piece initially published in The Globe and Mail Many Egyptians still remember the eagerly awaited speeches of presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat, and the intense debate that usually followed. Nowadays the eagerness and the … Continue reading

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Escalation in Gaza: Update 1

In a previously undeclared summit, on Saturday Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi will meet Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Cairo to discuss ways to manage the Gaza crisis. Sources … Continue reading

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Abu Mazen Pressured By New Hamas Alliances

I wrote this piece for AlMonitor. The Pulse of the Middle East It may be subtle, it may be slow, but undoubtedly the uprisings in the Arab world — particularly in Egypt — have resulted in new dynamics on the … Continue reading

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Qatar and Gaza between Perception and Reality

Image credit AFP In politics, perception is reality, a simple basic rule that is hard to evade or abolish. No country understands that concept better than Qatar. The monarchy, with wide ambitions that defy both history and geography, is working … Continue reading

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