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Is Priest Who Inspired Video Worth All The Rage?

This piece was initially published in Al-Monitor- The pulse of the Middle East As more details have come out about the men behind the anti-Islam video that enraged parts of the Muslim world, it was disclosed that they are devotees of Zakaria Boutros, … Continue reading

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Where is the Muslim Rage?

This week, I was planning to write about a different subject until I came across this video (by chance on Twitter). Watching this 55-second-long arabic video was enough to convince me that this topic should not be ignored. In this … Continue reading

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Jews of the Arab World

This  is my photo essay:  Jews in the Arab World  which was initially  published in -al-Monitor: Wish all my Jewish Tweeps a blessed new year.? Shana Tova  every one.

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The Tragedy of Alexandria’s Book Market

For the second time in the same week, I am addressing the subject of Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria, first discussed its famous synagogue, and now I wish to write about its book market. As part of the cultural heritage of … Continue reading

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Jews, Alexandria, and Rosh Hashanah

Synagogue—a strange word on the ears of many Egyptians. Many have forgotten—or chose to forget—that Jews have been living in Egypt since biblical times, where they have built synagogues and practiced their religion freely. One of these Synagogues is Eliyahu Hanavi … Continue reading

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Sinai and the open-ended adventure

It is hard to describe what has happened in Sinai in the last few weeks, although “surreal” may be the only appropriate word. It started with a tragedy on the holy month of Ramadan, when 16 Egyptian soldiers lost their … Continue reading

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