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President Morsi Shater Anan?

It is difficult to figure out what is really happening in Egypt. Amid a tsunami of rumors, accusations, and conflicting reports, finding the truth is a very hard task. First, let’s highlight some facts about the current four major players—the … Continue reading

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Morsi, Shafiq, and Mubarak.Egypt’s conflicting reports

Three interesting developments took place today in Egypt: The claim of victory by both Morsi and Shafiq’s campaigns in the runoff of the presidential election, and the strong  turnout in Tahrir tonight and finally the unconfirmed reports about Mubarak’s death.  … Continue reading

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What now for Egypt? Part 2

So the Supreme Constitutional Court has delivered its much-dreaded verdict; furthermore, it was the nightmarish scenario I mentioned in my previous piece. Shafiq was allowed to run in the second round (as I predicted) but the decision about disbanding the … Continue reading

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What now for Egypt?

Egypt’s revolution hasn’t vanquished its underlying corruption and political paranoia. This was what I wrote for The Telegraph yesterday- before today’s verdict- hopefully, I will publish part two this weekend on this blog!   Tomorrow should be a crucial day in the … Continue reading

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