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Has Egypt finally broken with the myth of the ‘good autocrat’?

Photo: AP Initially published in The Telegraph Eighteen months on, it is still too early to judge Egypt’s January 25th revolution. This was a unique revolution, transforming Egyptians from spectators into true players, who are now actively involved in shaping their country. … Continue reading

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My Egypt. Photoblog

Egypt is my native country, my heart  and my soul. It is where I learned how to love freedom and why I resent tyranny. Today Egyptians are voting for the future. I am here in Britain, watching them making history … Continue reading

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Egypt Presidential Candidate Aboul Fotouh “Mr Relative”

When Einstein created his clever theory of relativity, he focused his work on time and space. Today, political analysts have extended the application of his theory to a completely different sphere; redefining political Islam. The excitement about the Islamic spring … Continue reading

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