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This Week in Egypt: Week 26-2018 ( June 25-July 1)

Top Headlines Egypt’s President Al-Sisi appoints Abbas Kamel as the country’s new chief of General Intelligence Service Egypt’s Sisi, facing online backlash, says country is on “the right track” Egypt’s national football coachis fired following disappointing World Cup campaign Egypt … Continue reading

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Egypt: The state, the army, and the future

Following months of speculation, leaks, and predictions, Egypt’s army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has announced his resignation, paving the way for a long-awaited presidential campaign. Sisi’s resignation, speech, and candidacy are unique in the history of Egypt. Although the country … Continue reading

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Morsi, the last caliph-president of Egypt

This piece is  written by Mbayo Lo for Mondoweiss. I read it here  when the former deputy PM of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim has re-blogged it today.    The ousting of Egypt’s now former President Muhammad Morsi, by popular protest in some interpretations, or … Continue reading

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General Sissi is no savior for Egypt’s non-Islamists

Quick glances at the events that lead to the June 30 protests and the subsequent army take-over on July 3rd are enough for any observer to understand that Sissi’s success came mainly in his ability to garner a wide coalition … Continue reading

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A Different Approach to Egypt’s future.

The sense among many activists and observers of Egypt is resignation and pessimism. Many fear that Egypt is on the wrong track, heading away from democracy, and back to an era of autocracy and a police state. This feeling is … Continue reading

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Women at Forefront Of Egypt’s Revolutionary Wave

This piece initially published in  Al-Monitor On June 30, the thunderous chanting of Egyptian women protesting against Mohammed Morsi, demanding that he leave office, echoed through the streets. Their voices were louder than their fellow men, adopting a collective firm, … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak. Week 27 -New SCAF vs. Old Islamists

Main Headlines  Monday Military issues 48-hours ultimatum‪ to president Morsi Armed forces spokesman: Egypt military doctrine does not permit coup Egyptian Presidency Issues statement Egypt’s Salafist Nour party calls for snap presidential polls Pro-Morsi-Marches reported in Cairo, and other governorates … Continue reading

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Here’s why Egyptians are glad the military ousted their president

This piece originally published in The Globe and Mail, I republish it here in case you missed it.   It may seem illogical or even reckless. Why is this huge crowd in Egypt celebrating as they watch their democratically elected … Continue reading

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It’s the Identity, Stupid

(Photo via of June 30 demonstration in Cairo via Twitter) Millions and millions poured into the streets of Cairo and other regions of Egypt, calling for President Morsi to resign. The vast, unprecedented numbers of the June 30 demonstrations, which … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 26-Part A. A Tale of Two Egypts

I divided this week report into two parts; here is part one, while part two will be released  late Sunday with special coverage of events of June30 in Egypt Main Headlines Monday Al-Sisi’s remarks reverberate in opposition, and Brotherhood Abu … Continue reading

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