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Reflections on General Sami Anan’s failed presidential bid

Here is an English version of my latest Arabic piece for Al-Hurra Hours after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi declared his candidacy for March’s presidential election, former armed forces Chief of Staff, General Sami Anan, also declared his intention to run … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 5 ( Jan26 – Feb 1)

(Funerals have been taking place for those killed in the Sinai attacks – Photo via BBC) Main Headlines  Monday Egyptian appeals court convicts and sentences doctor in female genital mutilation case Egyptian police arrested 516 in anniversary’s unrest IS affiliate … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Nexus of Power

Egypt’s Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al Sisi is seen during a news conference in Cairo (Stringer/Courtesy Reuters). I wrote this piece as a guest post for Steven Cook, Council on Foreign Relations Who will be Egypt’s next president? Egypt has a … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak-Week 29. The Brotherhood’s Nakba

 Main Headlines  Monday Deputy Secretary of State Burns began a two-days visit to Egypt Senior U.S. diplomat rebuffed by Morsi’s opponents Egypt freezes assets of 14 senior Islamist figures ‪Top prosecutor orders arrest of 7 Brotherhood figures Egypt army plans … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week28. Coup, Plots, and “Useless Idiots”

 Main Headlines  Monday 51 protestors have been killed in clashes outside the military headquarters: Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP calls for international intervention to stop “massacres” – ElBaradei: Egypt in “dire need” of reconciliation National Bank of Egypt provides $65m to fund … Continue reading

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Turkey Has a Role in Egypt

Originally published in  Al-Monitor On July 9, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador over Ankara’s calls for UN intervention in Egypt, following the controversial ouster of President Mohammed Morsi. The sharp deterioration in the relationship between the two nations could not be … Continue reading

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Here’s why Egyptians are glad the military ousted their president

This piece originally published in The Globe and Mail, I republish it here in case you missed it.   It may seem illogical or even reckless. Why is this huge crowd in Egypt celebrating as they watch their democratically elected … Continue reading

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It’s the Identity, Stupid

(Photo via of June 30 demonstration in Cairo via Twitter) Millions and millions poured into the streets of Cairo and other regions of Egypt, calling for President Morsi to resign. The vast, unprecedented numbers of the June 30 demonstrations, which … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak: Week 15. The Week of Kheba

(Photo: President Morsi, and Minister of Defense Abdel el-Fattah el-Sissi AP) Main Headlines Monday Egypt suspends Iranian tourist trips Egyptian figures condemn Cathedral violence but disagree on causes Prosecutor general Prosecutor general will only leave if court forces him, says … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak (Week 11): When Fecklessness is An Attitude.

(Bakers protest in front of Ministry of Supply via  Elijah Zarwan) Main Headlines Monday Shura Council seeks way out of electoral law stalemate ‪Qatar says no more aid to Egypt for now Egyptian Copt dies in Libyan detention Police in Giza, and … Continue reading

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