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Podcast/Webinar: Radical Islamism, France, and the Atlantic Divide

I strongly recommend these podcast and webinar on what’s wrong with Anglo-American coverage of radical Islamism in France 1- What US Media Gets Wrong About France, with writers Anne-Élisabeth Moutet & Agnès Poirier https://podcasts.apple.com/es/podcast/11-what-us-media-gets-wrong-about-france-anne-élisabeth/id1534151181?i=1000502056981 2- Webinar on Islamism: Bridging the … Continue reading

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Twitter thread: The New York Times and Journalist Mohamed Fahmy

This week, David Kirpatrick wrote in the New York Times a report about journalist Mohamed Fahmy who has filed a lawsuit against his formal employer the Al-Jazeera Media Network. Here is a twitter thread by Samuel Tadros, Senior Fellow in … Continue reading

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The Western media’s imbalanced portrayal of the Qatar crisis

The crisis in the Gulf has entered its third week, since a number of Gulf States including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain together with Egypt have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of destabilising the region. The crisis … Continue reading

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Kirkpatrick and the Myth of Egypt’s “Liberals”

 If you would like to read a perfect example of a monochromic simplification of the complex Egyptian political scene, take a look at David Kirkpatrick’s piece in the New York Times: Egyptian Liberals Embrace the Military, Brooking No Dissent.  His … Continue reading

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