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Western Progressives and the Protests in Iran

For 43 years, Iranian women have been forced to wear hijab, yet throughout the more than four painful decades, their agony has been downplayed by those claiming that hijab is a choice.   Following an initial dismissal of the protests in … Continue reading

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The wider impacts of the death of Iran’s Mahsa Amini

The raging protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini, who had been detained for allegedly breaking strict hijab rules, represent a unique moment in the history of the twenty-first-century’s Middle East. The brave Iranian women unintendedly upended decades of … Continue reading

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Iran, chess, and the psychological bullying of non-hijabi defiant women

A poisonous debate has erupted since Nazi Paikidze, a 22-year-old American champion chess player, announced her decision to boycott next year’s World Chess Championship competition in Iran. A stream of articles published criticism about her decision to boycott and her … Continue reading

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Essentializing Islam will not stop Islamophobia

( A woman wearing Niqab in France- Via AFP) The cynical glee with which the Western media publicly flaunts — and generalizes — the practice of Islamic customs has become a disturbing pattern. The Hijab, Nigab, and Burkini have now … Continue reading

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Banning the Niqab is a ban of disguised identity, not Islamic dress code

  Two women wearing niqab face veils (file pic) Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images The canton of Ticino, an Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, has banned the Niqab, the face veil worn by some Muslims. The decision came after a referendum in 2013, … Continue reading

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Podcast: Religion

Here is our latest podcast with Prof. Matt Sienkiewicz from Boston College  and our guest Ambassador Alberto Fernandez discussing religion and media. Enjoy …    

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Children Should Not Wear Hijab in Egypt’s Schools

Early on Sunday, a report appeared in Egypt’s Youm 7 newspaper that Egypt’s Ministry of Education would ban children from wearing the Islamic headscarf  (hijab)  at school. The report was based on an interview with the Minister of Education Moheb … Continue reading

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New Controversy Rages around the Hijab in Egypt

( Dr.Ali Gomaa’s comments with English subtitles) The debate around Islamic headscarves (Hijab) and an Islamic dress code for women is still raging in Egypt. Sheikh Ali Gomaa, an internationally known Islamist jurist and Egypt’s ex-Grand Mufti (top interpreter of … Continue reading

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Women with or without headscarves should be accepted and respected in Egypt

Initially published in Egypt’s Ahram A call by Egyptian journalist Cherif Choubachy for veiled Muslim women to take off their headscarves (hijab) has stirred widespread controversy in Egypt. Choubachy has also proposed a “take off the veil” rally to be held at … Continue reading

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