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Twitter Thread: NYT David Kirkpatrick and Egypt’s Copts

Journalist and International correspondent for the New York Times has recently wrote an article in Church Times about Egypt’s Copts and their relationship with the Egyptian President Sisi. The article was full of disputed ideas that were promptly addressed by Samuel Tadros, … Continue reading

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Twitter thread: The New York Times and Journalist Mohamed Fahmy

This week, David Kirpatrick wrote in the New York Times a report about journalist Mohamed Fahmy who has filed a lawsuit against his formal employer the Al-Jazeera Media Network. Here is a twitter thread by Samuel Tadros, Senior Fellow in … Continue reading

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Kirkpatrick and the Myth of Egypt’s “Liberals”

 If you would like to read a perfect example of a monochromic simplification of the complex Egyptian political scene, take a look at David Kirkpatrick’s piece in the New York Times: Egyptian Liberals Embrace the Military, Brooking No Dissent.  His … Continue reading

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