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What is wrong with Egypt’s Al-Azhar?

Grand Imam of al-Azhar ( Photo via Al-Azhar) Last Friday, the head of Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, Ahmed Hosny, was sacked after only three months in the position, after labelling Muslim reformer and TV host Islam Al-Beheiry an apostate. This may … Continue reading

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Podcast: Religion

Here is our latest podcast with Prof. Matt Sienkiewicz from Boston College  and our guest Ambassador Alberto Fernandez discussing religion and media. Enjoy …    

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Understanding Sukuk

(Photo, Grand Sheik of al-Azhar: Egypt Independent) In an effort to develop Islamic alternatives to conventional investments, Muslim scholars have advocated new economical instruments, which fit with Sharia prohibition of usury and encouragement of shared risks. Islamic banking is growing, not … Continue reading

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Is Turkey immune from radical Salafism?

This piece initially published in The Daily News Egypt Turkey is a unique Muslim nation with a distinct history, geography, and political progression. It has never been occupied, and its contemporary path has evolved differently than that of its Muslim neighbors. … Continue reading

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Our Own Mongols

(photo CNN) In 1258, under the leadership of Hulagu Khan, Mongol forces invaded Baghdad, massacred its inhabitants, burned its prestigious library (the House of Wisdom), and used the books to literally form a bridge across the Tigris River. It is … Continue reading

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Where is the Muslim Rage?

This week, I was planning to write about a different subject until I came across this video (by chance on Twitter). Watching this 55-second-long arabic video was enough to convince me that this topic should not be ignored. In this … Continue reading

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