This Week in Egypt: Week 34-2021 ( Aug 23-29)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt’s Sisi, Qatar’s Tamim meet for first time since reconciliation
  • Ethiopia deems Tunisia’s GERD proposal to the UNSC ‘inappropriate’
  • Researchers discover remains of four-legged amphibious whale in Egypt’s Fayoum
  • Egypt to make oldest Islamic capital in Africa into open museum
  • Egypt’s top religious authority opens Tiktok account 
Scientists in Egypt have identified a new species of four-legged whale that lived around 43 million years ago.

Main Headlines





  • Researchers discovered new species of ancient four-legged whale in Egypt
  • Egypt partially reopens Rafah border crossing with Gaza



  • Egypt’s discusses  bilateral relations with Iraqi president ahead of Baghdad cooperation conference
  • Egypt rejects all foreign interference in Iraq’s affairs, illegal aggression on its territories, Sisi says
  • Egypt’s Sisi and Qatar’s Tamim meet for first time since reconciliation 
  • Egypt urges dialogue to settle Morocco-Algeria dispute



  • Cairo and Khartoum are both wary that Turkey might expand its ties with Ethiopia. Fehim Tastekin
  • Egypt to make oldest Islamic capital in Africa into open museum. Hani Sameer
  • Sunflowers change farmers’ fortunes in central Egypt city. Amr Emam
  • Egypt’s top religious authority opens Tiktok account.  Abdulla Kadry

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