This Week in Egypt: Week 45-2022 ( Nov 14-20 )

Top Headlines

  • Alaa Abd el-Fattah has ended hunger strike
  • COP27: A historic climate costs deal has been struck but no fossil fuel progress
  • U.S. climate envoy Kerry tests positive for Covid
  • Two Egyptian girls found dead at Syria camp hosting ISIL
  • Turkey’s Erdogan shakes hands with Egypt’s Sisi at World Cup
  • Egypt to start building $11 billion wind farm from 2024

Main Headlines




  • Two Egyptian girls found dead at Syria camp hosting ISIL families
  • The Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria sign agreement on rice processing, export with Egypt


  • COP27: Climate negotiators in Egypt say they remain far from reaching a deal
  • Confusion, finger-pointing, opposing views at Egypt’s COP27
  • COP27: Africa’s dash for gas sparks debate at climate summit in Egypt
  • Turkey could reset relations with Egypt and Syria after elections: Erdogan


  • COP27: U.S. climate envoy Kerry tests positive for COVID -19
  • COP27: EU proposes to climate damage fund, energizing bogged-down COP27 talks
  • US and Russia to meet in Egypt to discuss key nuclear arms control agreement later this month




  • Explainer: COP27: What is ‘Loss and Damage’ funding, and who should pay? Kate Abnett
  • COP27: What are the sticking points in COP27 negotiations? BBC
  • Egypt reaps economic, political gains from COP27. Hagar Hosny

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