This week in Egypt: Week 2-2023 ( Jan 9-15)

Top Headlines

  • Eni, Chevron announce new gas discovery in Egyptian East Med field
  • Egyptian pound hits new low against US dollar 
  • IMF: Egypt aims to bridge financing gap by selling state-owned assets
  • Negev Forum convenes in UAE with Jordan absent from Arab-Israeli meeting
  • Egypt says ancient royal tomb unearthed in Luxor
  • Rounding off Africa tour, China’s top diplomat visits Egypt 
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Main Headlines



  • Egypt to receive the second tranche of IMF’s $3 bln loan by end of March, says Mission head
  • Inflation in Egypt continues to skyrocket, leaving citizens struggling to buy basics 


  • Egyptian pound‘s losses against USD reach 100% since March
  • Three men try to steal 10-ton ancient statue of Ramesses II in Egypt with crane
  • Egypt released $1.5 billion worth of stranded imports since 1 Jan




  • Egypt invites Elon Musk to visit after tweet 
  • Royal tomb from Thutmosid period discovered on Luxor’s West Bank
  • Egypt’s exports rise by 23% year-on-year in first 10 months of 2022: CAPMAS



  • Egypt’s currency drop barely closes gap with black market rate. Netty Idayu Ismail 
  • Factbox: All you need to know about Egypt’s commitments, targets under new IMF programme. Doaa Moneim
  • IMF’s press release and staff report on Egypt 
  • Egypt, facing economic crunch, restricts non-essential travel for government. Al-Monitor 
  • In Egypt, massive funding for new mosques is questioned amid economic crisis. Al-Monitor 
  • How Britons can swap miserable weather for a month-long sunshine holiday in Egypt for (almost) the same cost as living at home Daily Mail


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