This Week in Egypt: Week 3-2023 ( Jan 16-22)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt vows to cut military’s outsized role in economy under IMF bailout
  • Egyptian banks’ regulatory capital ratios can withstand further Egyptian pound depreciation, Fitch Ratings says
  • Businessman Safwan Thabet, who faced accusations of funding “terrorist entities”, was released from prison 
  • UAE hosted Gulf leaders including Qatar’s along with Egypt and Jordan
  • Leaders of Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians deliver a warning to Israel
  • Egypt’s Sisi instructs building large inclusive mosques across Egypt to spread ‘true religion’

Safwan Thabet, right, is the founder of Juhayna Food Industries. His son Seif el-Din Thabet, left, is the company’s chief executive © Image supplied by friends of the family via FT

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Main Headlines


  • Foreign investors pour $925 million into Egypt since last week’s devaluation 
  • Leaders of Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians deliver a warning to Israel





  • Emerging-market investors are preparing to creep back into Egypt’s local debt market, enticed by a cheaper pound and record yields when compared with peers
  • Egyptian lawyers strike to protest the imprisonment of six colleagues
  • Egypt court reduces sentences against businessman, former MP for antiquity trafficking


  • Founder of Egypt’s Juhayna Food Industries and his son, who faced accusations of financing terrorist entities , are released from prison
  • Egypt’s Sisi instructs building large inclusive mosques across Egypt to spread ‘true religion’


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