This Week in Egypt: Week 1-2023 ( Jan 2-8)

Top Headlines

  • Egyptian pound sinks to new low in biggest fall since October devaluation
  • Egypt’s Sisi wished Egyptians merry Christmas, attended Christmas mass 
  • Israel ties with Egypt is strained by recent Israeli moves, hindering prisoner swap talks
  • Egypt presented a new platform for dialogue between parties in Sudan
  • A looted ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, Green Coffin,  that was on display at a US museum has been returned to Egypt
  • Egypt buys 12 Chinook helos from Boeing

Main Headlines




  • Egyptian pound crashes to record low against US dollar
  • Egyptian business reduce output and cut jobs as they grapple with the impact of a dramatic currency devaluation that helped authorities secure an IMF deal
  • Egyptian stock market sees record trading despite 25% bank certificates
  • Attracting foreign investment is Egypt’s top priority, says PM




  • Egypt ‘s Sisi attended Christmas mass at the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in the New Administrative Capital
  • Egypt welcomes outcomes of Libyan leaders’ Cairo meeting as important step toward elections
  • Egypt arrests a man who urged couples to wed soon to avoid marriage fees
  • Egypt-EU cooperation on migration worth 111 million euros: Berger


  • Egypt and Greece mull naming international consultant for joint power linkage project  
  • Report says Netanyahu promised Egypt’s Sisi he’d stop Ben Gvir’s Temple Mount visit, then reneged
  • Record-high number of doctors resign from Egypt’s public health sector in 2022: Syndicate


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