This Week in Egypt: Week 18 ( April 29- May 5)

Top Headlines 

  • The Trump administration is working to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organisation
  • Egypt has formally received a third submarine of the four it has been promised, as part of a deal with German
  • Egypt warns Turkey against drilling in E. Mediterranean
  • Egypt hands down life sentences to 7 Muslim Brotherhood members, including financer
  • Qatar rejects issuing ‘visas for enemies’, namely Egyptians
  • Egypt non-oil private-sector activity expands for first time in 8 months
  • Six British teens admit their part in street attack on Egyptian engineering student Mariam Moustafa


Main Headlines




  • A British couple who died in Egypt may have been exposed to “an infectious biological agent or toxic chemicals” in their room


  • Lebanon PM Hariri: Lebanon should learn from Egypt’s economic development
  • Hamas leader Sinwar heads to Egypt to discuss truce with Israel
  • Egypt targets economic growth of 8 percent in the 2021-2022 fiscal year
  • Canada updates travel guidelines for Egypt to the second category


  • Egypt has formally received a third submarine of the four it has been promised, as part of a deal with German
  • 15 persons injured due to fires in Cairo
  • Scorching Ramadan first week as Heatwave is expected to hit Egypt


  • Egypt is trying to prevent collapse of Gaza ceasefire understandings
  • A tomb dating back 2,500 years has been discovered in Egypt, containing a limestone statue of one of the owners’ family
  • Egypt signs deal with CNN to promote tourism
  • Egypt’s Sisi meets with World Bank head in Cairo



Good Read

On the possible designation of the Brotherhood as a terror group:

Against the decision 

  • Nine reasons why declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organizationwould be a mistake.Michele Dunne and Andrew Miller

Support the decision 

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