This Week in Egypt: Week 34 ( August 20-26)

Top Headlines 

  • 4 police officers and 4 militants were killed in an attack in North Sinai’s Al-Arish
  • ISIS claims responsibility for Sinai’s Al-Arish attack
  • Egypt’s FM and intelligence chief head to Ethiopia to discuss Renaissance Dam
  • Holidaymakers to be evacuated from hotel in Egypt following the death of a British couple

 Main Headlines



  • US Apache plans to invest $1 bln annually in Egypt
  • Egyptians celebrate Eid Al-Adha with prayers and sacrifices
  • 2,376 prisoners including hundreds of debt defaulters are released by presidential pardon on first day of Eid
  • Egypt’s Sisi performs Eid Al-Adha prayers in Alexandria


  • Egypt’s defence minister concludes two-day visit to Russia
  • Death toll among Egyptian pilgrims on hajj reaches 33
  • Egyptian exports climb $1.2 billion in only three months




  • Egypt officials say 4 police officers and 4 militants killed in North Sinai
  • Egypt’s hotel deaths: ‘No toxic gasin UK couple’s room’
  • A40-year-old man was killed during Eid celebrations after he confronted another man who was allegedly harassing his wife
  • Egypt parliament rights committee working to abolish prison terms for debt defaulters
  • Vietnamese President arrives in Luxor for tour; to meet with Sisi in Cairo on Monday


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