Egyptian Aak 2016- Week 20 ( May 16-22)

This week, it was tough to follow, verify and gather that most reliable information about Egypt Air crash. My condolence to the families of All the victims.   

Top Headlines 

  • An Egypt Air jetliner MS804 en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 people aboard crashed in the Mediterranean Sea. Thursday/Reports
  • Debris found from flight Egypt Air MS804. Friday
  • At least 2 smoke alerts reportedly sounded before Egypt Air plane crash. Saturday
  • Charles de Gaulle airport says it won’t tighten security again despite concern from its own workers over breaches. Sunday
  • Egypt’s Sisi says all scenarious are possible in Egypt air crash. Sunday
  • Sisi: Two-state solution gives hope to Palestinians, security to Israelis. Tuesday


Image 22-05-2016 at 23.49

Main Headline









Good Report

 On Egypt Air crash:

Other Reports

Good Read 

From Twitter








  • Giza pyramids light up with Egypt Air logo in solidarity with MS804 victims
  • The Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds exhibition inaugurated in London
  • Claustrophobic film brings Egypt’s turmoil to Cannes

And how the Muslim Brotherhood views the world:


Finally, for new readers, Aak = mess in Arabic




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