An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims

Pakistani-Canadian writer Ali A. Rizvi has written this interesting piece, which I think it is worth sharing.  Enjoy…..

My favourite paragraph is:

“The word “moderate” has lost its credibility. Fareed Zakaria has referred to Middle Eastern moderates as a “fantasy.” Even apologists like Nathan Lean are pointing out that the use of this word isn’t helping anyone. Islam needs reformers, not moderates. And words like “reform” just don’t go very well with words like “infallibility.”

Read the article here

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims

  1. Amr says:

    Thank you Nervana for this letter that I had had the opportunity to read posted somewhere else days ago,
    In fact during Eid family Lunch (which for some unknow reasons we have to suffocate from eating meat,I am a full fledged carnivore so it doesn’t disturb me the least) so going back to Eid lunch this discussion was on the table,do we as Muslim have to believe in the laws? I told them that Sisi before he was president made a speech about the need to reform Islam,some agreed,some didn’t saying that some things werent subject to “diccusion or debate” if they were direct words from the Koran,mind you these are Alchool drinkers,previously pork eaters but most stopped the mortadella since the the 1990’s,but not all,
    I was telling them I wasn’t convinced in the need to sacrifice the lambs to give away to the poor,that giving just meat without the act of killing directly is enough,very fashionable now btw,even high end shops live “gourmet” have ready packed meat that you can buy and distribute or
    I had the “audacity” to say that just giving to the needy was ok even if it didn’t have to be meat
    I had a fire squad from the same ppl described above at me saying that sacrificing the beast and giving it away was in the Koran,not just a disputed Hadith
    I am still not convinced


  2. Amr says:

    Forgot to say that Fatma Naoot,the known public figure had that day or few days ago made some controversial comments about the habit of sacrificing lamb or muton during Eid saying “why someone who had a nightmare a few thousand years ago” she meant Abraham and his son
    Should make us do something like that today


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