A Surreal Anniversary: Photo Essay

This is a collection of photos from Egypt, from  various sources, as the country mark the second anniversary of its revolution.  To me, it was a surreal, poignant, and sad event. These photos powerfully reflects what is good and also what is badly wrong about Egypt now.

Tahrir early FridayTahrir. Twitter via @Beltrew


Egyptian opposition leader Sabbahi ( Daily News Egypt)

National  Front of Egypt women National Front of Egypt’s women. Twitter via @ Beltrew

Tahrir again1

Women with Hijab and niqb protesting in Tahrir. Twitter

Sufi socialistSheikh Samir Mansi, a Sufi- socialist who thinks the consititution is poison. He bears the crescent and the cross. Twitter via @erincunningham

wheelchair A disabled Egyptian joins the march. Twitter via @Egyptocracy

Who rule EgyptProtestor hold a sign” who rule Egypt? Morsi, Supreme Guide, or Obama?” Twitter via @betsey_heil

US tahrir

A man holding a sign asking for the U.S. to stop supporting Morsi.Twiter via @betsey_heil


Protestors attempting to tear down the security wall in Cairo. Daily News Egypt

Alexandria 3

Demonstration in Alexandria. AFP


Demonstration in Arish. Daily news Egypt

 Tahrir Reuters

Tahrir by evening by Reuters

6th of October Burning tyres on the 6th of October bridge to block it. Twitter via @RanaMuhTaha

security forces

Not just protestors throwing rocks, security forces are also throwing rocks.

Twitter via @dark_back

Metro station Bel Trew

Underground metro station blocked by protestors. Twitter via @Beltrew

Black RockA masked protestor. Egypt Independent

Black BlockBlack Block Face book page

(A group of protestors clothed in black and wearing face masks)

Black Block

Black block Marching in Tahrir from late night 24th January . Twitter via @Mad_Darsh

suez2Suez, 8 death confirmed so far. BBC News

Tear gas

 Tear gas in Tahrir  via @Kandily

masperoSecurity forces block road to state TV building. Cairo. al-Arabyia TV

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