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Egyptian Aak: Week 5

A photo of police brutality in Egypt tweeted by Rana Allam, editor of Daily News Egypt @Run_Rana Week 5 Main Headlines: Monday Egypt’s Shura Council green-lights the president’s emergency measures. Egypt’s National Salvation Front rejects dialogue with President Morsi. Protesters … Continue reading

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Egypt: A Twilight Without A New Dawn

Egyptian protesters demonstrate in Port Said, where some people are calling for the city to secede. (Mohammed Abed / AFP/Getty Images / LA times/ February 1, 2013) Egypt has always been portrayed in folk history as a woman with eternal youth, defiant and … Continue reading

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Morsy’s stepchildren

I wrote this piece for the  Daily News Egypt just before yesterday protest in front of  the presidential palace. The way President Morsy ignored the crowd yesterday reaffirm my views.  They went out in the thousands; Egyptians from every walk of … Continue reading

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