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Turkey’s Syria offensive Day 8 -Oct 16-2019

Headlines Turkey’s President Erdogan has rejected U.S. demands to cease fire in Syria Turkey Advances on Kobani in latest broken promise Turkey-Kurd conflict ‘has nothing to do with us,’ Trump says Turkey may be ‘responsible’ for executions of Kurds in … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Syria Offensive: Day 6-Oct 14-2019

Headlines Guardian’s today Timeline Syrian troops enter towns in northeast as Erdogan warns of wider offensive Trump to impose sanctions on Turkey on Turkey NATO’s Stoltenberg defends stance on Turkey’s offensive in Syria EU condemns Turkey over Syria, but no … Continue reading

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Twitter Thread: Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey

In a rare event, angry crowd stormed a Turkish military camp in Iraq’s Kurdish region near the city of Dohuk. I herewith include few tweets that explain the background of this incident .  Hundreds of people in the Kurdistan Region’s #Shiladze region … Continue reading

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A collection of posts on the recent Turkish move in Syria and Iraq

Here is a selection of articles on the recent Turkish decision to strike the Kurdish PKK and the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. First, this EDAM discussion paper articulates the possible rationale of the recent Turkish intervention: “The rationale for … Continue reading

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Kobani: A Victim Of Our Sins

(Photo via Mother Jones) The city of Kobani is falling in front of our eyes. The black flags of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have been slowly spreading above the buildings of this unfortunate Kurdish town in … Continue reading

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