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Twitter Thread: Lebanon’s New Government

Lebanon finally has a new government. Lebanese factions have agreed to form a new government of national unity, ending nearly nine months of bickering. Here is a twitter thread about the details and implications of its formation. Hezbollah’s leader Hassan … Continue reading

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Hezbollah and the Golan

(Photo of Hasssan Nasrallah, via Kabobfest.com) In his first televised speech after the Israeli strikes on Syria, Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, made two interesting remarks.  First that Syria will supply Israeli arch enemy, Hezbollah, with “game changing arms.”  Second, “the resistance … Continue reading

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Lebanon’s New War of the Bearded Enemies

          There was nothing more perplexing and confusing than watching the unfolding events of the Lebanese civil war. It was ruthless, ugly, and dirty, and it taught me as well as many Arabs the harsh reality … Continue reading

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