This Week in Egypt: Week 20-2023 ( May 15-21)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt refutes diplomatic breakthrough with Iran
  • Egypt’s Sisi attend Arab League summit; meet with Assad
  • 22 new decisions to boost investment in Egypt
  • Greek firms announce deal for developing renewable energy projects in Egypt
  • Fitch downgrades 4 Egyptian banks to B, with negative outlook
  • Egypt’s pound has rallied 12% on the local black market as demand for US dollars diminished


Main Headlines


  • Egypt refutes diplomatic breakthrough with Iran, stresses unchanged position


  • Egypt sends two military planes carrying medical aid to Sudan
  • Egypt’s chief of staff discusses boosting cooperation with his Indian counterpart






  • The foreign ministers of Israel, the United States, Morocco, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates are set to meet at the end of June in Morocco for the second summit of the Negev Forum
  • Egyptian journalist rebukes union for retaining boycott of Israel


  • Egypt’s exchange rate uncertainty is stifling business, say entrepreneurs. Heba Saleh 
  • Explainer: 22 new decisions to boost investment in Egypt. Zeinab El-Gundy


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