This Week in Egypt: Week 17-2023 ( 24-30 April)

Top Headlines

  • Egyptian embassy staff member was killed in Khartoum, Egypt relocates its diplomatic mission 
  • Thousands of Sudanese families cross into Egypt to flee fighting
  • Egypt struggles to lure Gulf buyers in state asset sell-off
  • Fitch Solutions raises its forecast for Egypt’s inflation by 6.4% in 2023; ; Egyptian economy will see growing 4% this fiscal year as currency weakens, according to Reuters poll
  • Egyptian PM: Egypt is fully able to meet its international debt obligations
  • Yacht carrying Russians, Egyptians goes missing off Yemen coast 

Main Headlines



  • Egypt braces for refugee influx as fighting worsens Sudan’s humanitarian crisis
  • Egypt increases evacuation efforts from Sudan
  • Egyptian bonds slumped after S&P  took a far more downbeat view of the nation’s finances than IMF
  • Yacht carrying Russians, Egyptians goes missing off Yemen coast
  • Air Cairo launches weekly flights between Sharm El-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia and UAE



  • Thousands of Sudanese families cross into Egypt to flee fighting
  • Egypt’s economy predicted to grow 4% this fiscal year as currency weakens according to Reuters poll


  • Egypt struggles to lure Gulf buyers in state asset sell-off
  • Egypt’s trade exchange with African countries records $2.117bn in 1Q 2023
  • Egypt calls Netflix show with black Cleopatra a ‘blatant historical fallacy’
  • Daylight Saving Time returns to Egypt on Friday 28 April




  • Egypt’s debt markets are on edge like never before, increasingly consumed by the threat of it missing a payment on its bonds within a year. Netty Idayu Ismail
  • Fear and exhaustion: A family’s flight from Sudan to Egypt. Mai Shams El-Din
  • On a bus to Egypt with Mario the pug. Fernando Duarte 
  • Egypt charges tourist ships in dollars as greenback crisis spirals.Amr Emam
  • Buddha statue found in Egypt points to ancient India links. AFP


  • How the Sudan crisis complicates the Egypt-Ethiopia dispute over the GERD dam. Jonathan Gornall

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