This Week in Egypt: Week 40-2022 ( Oct 10-16)

Top Headlines

  • IMF chief Georgieva says ‘big policy issues’ resolved in talks with Egypt 
  • Fitch Solutions upgrades its projections for Egypt’s GDP growth by 0.36% in 2022, expects EGP to further weaken
  • Egypt restricts dollar withdrawals amid liquidity crunch
  • Inflation in urban parts of Egypt to highest level in four years
  • Egyptian embassy in Kiev urges nationals to leave as soon as possible
  • Egypt says condemning Russia in UNGA vote in line with principle of rejecting force 
  • Egypt’s Suez Canal to offer ships fuelling and catering services

Main Headlines 






  • IMF chief Georgieva says ‘big policy issues’ resolved in talks with Egypt
  • Germany’s thyssenkrupp Marine Systems handed over the first-of-class MEKO A-200 EN to Egyptian navy




  • Egypt restricts dollar withdrawals amid liquidity crunch
  • COP27: Everything you need to know about the United Nations climate talks in Egypt.  Sky News
  • Coca-Cola to sponsor COP27 in Egypt, sparking criticism. Marc Espanol
  • Egypt to push tourism at Qatar World Cup Egypt to push tourism at Qatar World Cup. Ibrahim Ayyad 
  • Statement by the IMF Spokesperson on Egypt 


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