This Week in Egypt: Week 34-2022 (Aug 22-28)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt is nearing an agreement with the International Monetary Fund on a new loan
  • Egypt hosted summit of Arab leaders against backdrop of intensifying Iran nuclear talks
  • Egypt calls on Libyan sides to end escalation
  • Egypt’s foreign reserves dropped 19%
  • Egypt’s Central Bank removes max limits on daily deposits
  • Egypt directly buy 240,000 tonnes of Russian wheat 
  • Cairo metro employs Egypt’s first woman driver

Main Headlines



  • IMF calls on Egypt to unify loan interest rates
  • The Iraqi prime minister cut his visit to Egypt short amid Baghdad protests
  • Sisi discusses fraternal relations with leaders of  Bahrain, Jordan, and UAE In New Alamein
  • Less than 1000 Egyptians  will be affected by ‘Kuwaitisation’ of Kuwait’s municipal affairs ministry







  • Egyptian army makes gains against Islamic State in western Sinai. Al-Monitor 
  • Israel’s Shin Bet chief talks security  in Egypt.  Lilach Shoval
  • Egypt’s Central Bank governor resigns 
  • amid economic crisis. Muhammed Magdy
  •  Israel to invest more in Egyptian renewable energy projects. George Mikhail
  • Fatal stabbings highlight violence against women in Egypt. Reuters


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