This Week in Egypt: Week 7-2022 ( Feb 14-20)

Top Headlines

  • Ethiopia starts producing electricity from its controversial Nile dam
  • Egypt breaks LNG export records with eye on Europe
  • Egypt is lengthening two-way portion of Suez Canal by 10 kilometres 
  • UAE’s Dragon makes first oil discovery in Gulf of Suez
  • Egypt’s Al-Sisi in Brussels for 6th EU-AU Summit
  • Egyptian trucks began returning after being blockaded on Sudan
  • Israel swoons as Egypt’s Sisi gives energy minister a special welcome
  • Egypt to implement new import rules despites complaints from traders
  • Egypt’s prosecutor investigates journalist Ibrahim Eissa for calling Prophet Mohammed’s night journey “delusional story”

Main Headlines




  • Egypt is lengthening two-way portion of Suez Canal by 10 kilometres 
  • Head of IAEA says it is helping Saudi Arabia and Egypt with nuclear power






  • Egypt breaks LNG export records with eye on Europe. Marc Espanol
  • Egypt steps up Gaza role after brokering last year’s truce. Fares Akram
  • Egypt backs Libyan new PM-designate to form new government. Mohamed Sabry 
  • AU summit in Addis Ababa ignores Nile dam crisis. Bahr al-Kady 
  • FEBRUARY 15, 2015: 21 Coptic Orthodox martyrs are beheaded by ISIS in Libya. Greek City Times
  • Cairo energy summit hints at warming Israel-Egypt ties. I24 News
  • Shaming on the Nile: Egypt faces a wave of sextortion. Rajaa Natour
  • Getting tougher on wife beaters. Reem Leila
  • Egyptian Researcher Ahmad Abdou Maher: Modern Islamic thinkers are considered heretics. Memri

From Twitter


  • Trove of inscribed pottery reveals details of daily life in the Ptolemaic and Roman periods of ancient Egypt
  • The World’s oldest recipe is discovered in Egypt recorded in Greek
  • ‘Wish you were here’: Vintage postcards from Egypt. Farah Rafik

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