This Week in Egypt: Week 3-2022 ( January 17-23)

Top Headlines

  • Egyptian and Saudi forces conclude Tabuk 5 joint exercise in Saudi Arabia
  • Egyptian and French navies conduct joint drill in Mediterranean
  • Egypt condemns Houthi attack on UAE, Arab League urges designating Yemen’s Houthis as a terrorist group
  • EU seeks global counter-terrorism partnership with Egypt 
  • Egypt raised the minimum monthly wage by 13%
  • Pair of giant 26-foot-long Sphinxes of King Tutankhamun’s grandfather are discovered in Egypt
  • Egypt launches first green flight from Africa
  • Netflix’s first Arabic original Film ‘Perfect Strangers’ is accused of “Moral Degradation” in Middle East due to gay character

Main Headlines


  • Egypt condemns Houthi attack on UAE
  • Egyptian PM denies Egyptian-US ties are ‘lukewarm,’ comments on GERD and listing army companies on EGX 
  • Omicron cases make up ‘vast majority’ of coronavirus infections in Egypt: Presidential adviser 
  • Egypt restricts mums to maximum of three maternity leaves, rejects paternal leave 








  • No surprise this time as Egypt into last 16 at African Cup
  • Salah and Mani face off as Egypt paired with Senegal in World Cup qualifying playoff


From Twitter


  • Pair of giant 26-foot-long sphinxes of King Tutankhamun’s grandfather are discovered in Egypt
  • Egypt unearths ancient quarters of mining leader.  Ahmed Gomaa

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