This Week in Egypt: Week 2-2022 ( January 10-16)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt arrests member of Hasm terrorist group after Istanbul-bound plane made emergency landing in Luxor 
  • Ethiopia clears forests at GERD site in preparation for 3rd filling
  • Egypt to rejoin JPMorgan EM bond index in January 2022
  • Egyptian, Algerian FMs urge backing internal solution to Libyan crisis, stopping foreign interference 
  • 4th World Youth Forum is launched in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh 
  • Pope Tawadros: for Copts there is no longer any “ban” on visiting Jerusalem
  • Greece and Egypt place liaison naval officers in corresponding navy general staff HQs 

Main Headlines


  • Egypt to re-join JPMorgan EM bond index in January 2022
  • Egyptian right group, cites government persecution 
  • Egypt’s Central Bank approves conditions to grant emergency liquidity to local banks
  • Oldest depiction of Jesus and the crucifixion is found in Greek Orthodox St. Catherine Monastery, Egypt







  • Egyptian and Algerian FMs urge backing internal solution to Libyan crisis, stopping foreign interference
  • Egypt and UK ministers talk climate change agenda ahead of COP27
  • Egypt approves AstraZeneca’s ‘Evusheld’ for emergency use for pre-exposure prevention of COVID-19
  • Egypt prosecutors launch medical malpractice investigation into( anti-Islamist)  TV host Wael El Ebrashy’s death


  • Sacked belly-dancing teacher sparks Egypt debate over women rights. Yolande Knell
  • Egypt weighs role as mediator in Sudan crisis. Mohamed Saied
  • Egyptian archaeologists unwrap Amenhotep I mummy, rewrite history. Mohamed Saied
  • Joint Egypt-UK statement following the visit of COP26 President to Egypt.


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