This Week in Egypt: Week 49-2021 ( Dec 6-12)

Top Headlines

  • Israel FM Lapid visits Egypt to meet Sisi and discuss Hamas hostages
  • Israel returned looted antiquities to Egypt 
  • U.S. envoy to visit UAE, Turkey, Egypt to discuss conflict in Ethiopia
  • Lebanese PM says he asked Egypt for support to generate electricity
  • Egyptian rights researcher Patrick Zaki is freed pending trial
  • Egypt has emerged as a key supplier of LNG to the Turkish market
  • Egypt ‘ready’ to join JP Morgan index by end-January next year

Main Headlines







  • Egypt and Russia conclude ‘Friendship Bridge-4’ naval exercise
  • Ukrainian women is arrested for posing almost naked on balcony
  • Six Egyptians are arrested for ‘gang-raping TEN underage girls daily while they were quarantined for coronavirus at a migrant centre in Sicily’


  • Egyptian FM: Egypt coordinates with the Gulf Cooperation Council on all issues
  • Egypt has emerged as a key supplier of LNG to the Turkish market, with seven cargoes already shipped so far in the fourth quarter of 2021
  •  Egypt is “ready” to join JP Morgan index by end-January next year


  • Turkey not yet ready to give up on Muslim Brotherhood. Pinar Tremblay
  • Hundreds of offerings to Egyptian fertility goddess uncovered in Luxor. Rasha Mahmoud

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