Thread: Refuting President Biden’s speech and his comments on Afghan army

President Joe Biden blamed the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan on Afghan political leaders who fled the country and the unwillingness of the unwillingness of the U.S, trained Afghan army to fight the militant group.

Former CIA analyst Matt Zeller debunked the American president’s assessment. In an interview with MSNBC’s Brian Williams, Mr. Zeller said he” was appalled by President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan speech, and it was a “lie.”  He added that he personally tried to tell this administration since it took office that “this was coming,” and send them plan after plan to evacuate Afghani wartime allies. 

Mr Zeller said that “We had all equipment and people to evacuate months ago and we did nothing, there are 86 thousands who are currently left behind in Afghanistan alone.” He asserted that he has a list of 14 thousands names who wanted to leave Afghanistan.

The most astonishing of Mr. Zeller testimony is his debunking of President Biden’s assertion that Afghan army did not want to fight. He asserted that the Afghan army took more casualties every year more than the American army had in 20 years, and how the Afghani soldiers fought despite not being paid on regular basis and not receiving fuel. “How dare us for having to blame those people?” he added. (in this extended clip from the same interview)

Earlier this year, in June 2021, Mr Zeller spoked passionately about how Afghanis soldiers and interpreters helped the American mission, and how American soldiers could not do their job with Afghani help. 

Here are the true figures of Afghan casualties

The real explanation of President Biden’s reluctance to help loyal Afghanis is aptly explained here

Also here are some added facts:

Here is another important thread:

Harsh criticism of President Biden came from many around the globe.

Here is a striking comment by Alan Jones of Sky News Australia:

Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses”

But let me finish this thread with this from Wall Street Journal’s editorial board

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