Podcast: Did talks in Geneva get closer to uniting Cyprus?

Reposting my latest podcast for Ahval’s Turkey Trends on latest UN sponsored Cyprus talks with Fikri Toros, member of Turkish Cypriot TRNC parliament.

Fikri Toros believes that the appetite for a just reunification exists on the Turkish Cypriot side. 

“Turkish Cypriots basically demonstrated their strong will on a bizonal and bicommunal federation based upon political equality,” Toros told Ahval in a recent podcast, referring to the result of a referendum to reunite the island in April 24, 2004. “This political will and desire of the Turkish Cypriots remain intact and valid.” 

Toros, who is a member of the pro-federation main opposition Republican Turkish Party, is still optimistic for a solution based on the federation model despite the apparent prevalence of support for a two-state solution, exemplified by the victory of Tatar at presidential elections in October.

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