This Week in Egypt: Week 6-2021 ( Feb 8-14)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt opens Rafah crossing with Gaza until further notice
  • Cairo hosts intra-Palestinian reconciliation dialogue
  • Philia Forum of European, Arab FMs to Be Held in Athens
  • Egypt’s FM says ties with US ‘close, strategic’ over 4 decades 
  • World’s ‘oldest brewery’ uncovered at ancient Egyptian city of Abydos
  • Mayar Sherif writes history after becoming 1st Egyptian woman ever to win a main draw game at a Tennis Grand Slam
World’s Oldest Brewery

Main Headlines





  • Philia Forum countries seek balanced relations, condemn foreign interference in Arab countries: Egypt FM
  • Ankara slams anti-Turkey alliance meeting in Athens
  • Egypt is urged to remove activists from ‘terrorist’ list


  • Egypt, Greece, Cyprus urge full withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya
  • Easy Jet to commence Luton services to Egypt, Greece and Cyprus
  • Egypt considers new waste scheme


  • Egypt’s FM describes ties with the United States  as ‘close, strategic’ over 4 decades  
  • IDF soldier lightly hurt by stray fire in exchange between Egypt army, smugglers
  • Egypt’s Public Prosecution releases former MP MP El-Hariri on bail in election bribes inquiry
  • Egypt extends mid-year vacation for one week over coronavirus concerns



  • Egypt back as ringmaster as Palestine talks progress. Daoud Kuttab
  • Nigeria deepens security ties with Egypt to battle Boko Haram. George Mikhail
  • Amid human rights and foreign policy concerns, Egypt scrambling to reinforce US ties under Biden. Mada Masr
  • Between the wheel and the bridge. Nesmahar Sayed 
  • Philia Forum put Greece in the center of new transcontinental geopolitical order. Paul Antonopouos

From Twitter


  • Tennis: Mayar Sherif writes history after becoming 1st Egyptian woman ever to win a main draw game at a Grand Slam

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