This Week in Egypt: Week 37-2020 ( September 7-13)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt’s Sisi says appreciates ‘important step’ of Israel and Bahrain establishing diplomatic ties
  • Egypt’s headline inflation decreased to 3.4% in August
  • Egypt’s Foreign Minister meets Armenian counterpart
  • Egypt has sent over 197 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Sudan, S. Sudan amid deadly floods
  • Egypt’s PM stresses ‘resolute’ measures against building violations on agricultural land
  • Two Libyan delegations visit Cairo
  • KLM resumes flights to Cairo 
  • Egypt abolishes decades-old Thanaweya Amma exam system, unveils new hybrid education model

Main Headlines



  • KLM to resume flights to Cairo starting Wednesday
  • Egypt Air Egypt air to resume direct flights between Cairo and Moscow 
  • Egypt extends ban on sugar imports for three months
  • Egyptian prosecution investigates death of young man after family blame police
  • Investments at Suez Canal Zone hit $15billion in 5 years
  • Egypt abolishes decades-old Thanaweya Amma exam system, unveils hybrid education model




  • Egypt’s Sisi says appreciates ‘important step’ of Israel and Bahrain  establishing diplomatic ties
  • Turkey says EU Mediterranean statement biased, open to talks with Greece
  • Turkey condemns Bahrain decision to establish ties with Israel
  • Egypt reduced fines for building violations reduced in many governorates


  • Egypt and France urge support to Lebanon after Beirut blast
  • Egypt’s PM stresses ‘resolute’ measures against building violations on agricultural land
  • Libya’s Haftar is committed to ending oil blockade, U.S. says
  • 6,000 people to participate in phase 3 trials of Chinese coronavirus vaccines



  •  Egypt and Cyprus focus on natural gas pipeline amid tensions in eastern Mediterranean. Mohamed Saied
  • Online calls for anti-Sisi protests in Egypt may fall flat. Al-Monitor
  • Egypt in talks to sell surplus power to Europe, Africa to Europe. Mirette Magdy


From Twitter


  • Mohamed Salah pays tribute to ill Egypt teammate with celebration his hat-trick against Leeds


  • The Egyptian egg ovens is considered more wondrous than the Pyramids 

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