This Week in Egypt: Week 7-2019 (Feb 10-16)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt’s booming population officially hits 100 million
  • Egypt reports Africa’s first coronavirus case
  • No breakthrough yet on Nile dam talks, Ethiopia says
  • Egyptian pound strengthens to three-year high against the US dollar
  • Egyptian security forces kill 17 militants in shootout in North Sinai
  • Egypt builds a wall on border with Gaza 

 Main Headlines





  • Second day of talks on Ethiopian GERD dam kicks off in Washington
  • Mask prices in Egypt skyrocket over coronavirus fears
  • Italy’s Edison starts exploratory drilling for gas in Egypt
  • Egypt did not import any liquefied natural gas in 2019
  • Egypt approves first gold mining licence in more than a decade
  • Egypt signs $35 million oil, gas exploration deal with Neptune energy
  • Muslim Brotherhood’s Tariq Ramadan formally charged with two more counts of rape


  • Egypt reports Africa’s first case of coronavirus
  • No breakthrough yet on Nile dam talks, Ethiopia says
  • Egypt’s Foreign Ministry says GERD agreement to be signed before end of February
  • A British man has been arrested and accused of sexual assault for patting a male police officer on the back at an airport in Egypt
  • Thousands sign petition demanding release of British holidaymaker held in Egypt




  • Egypt builds a wall on border  with Gaza.Rasha Abou Jalal
  • Egypt shows diplomatic finesse forging Gaza cease-fire. Al-Monitor
  • Egypt brings long-awaited compensation to thousands of Nubians. Muhammad Ghamrawy


  • Why Egypt and Ethiopia can’t agree on how to manage water resources. Michael Greco
  • Libya in focus. Dina Ezzat

From Twitter


  • ‪Naguib Mahfouz’s daughter donates 257 translated editions of his works to his newly opened museum


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